Beyond Advice: Impact

Having a Board of Advisors is a popular investment structure for funds. And it can certainly create value for both the funds and portfolio companies. But part of our core philosophy is Impact and so advice by itself is not enough. Rather than having someone who views their role as primarily providing advice, our focus is on interactions which result in tangible progress forward: Impact.

Therefore, instead of a Board of Advisors, we have Impact Partners. Their contribution is not measured by the quantity of advice they give. Instead, their contribution is measured by the Impact of their actions.

Similarly, we value their time and make sure that all requests are specifically tailored to their strengths and areas of focus. This also helps our portfolio companies to get the maximum benefit from each opportunity.

To be clear, Impact is a two way street. Our Impact Partners naturally end up benefiting precisely because interactions are guided by common interests.

People are the most important resource for early stage companies and our Impact Partners add an additional level of tangible support.