Nancy Xu

Nancy Xu

Impact Partner
Shanghai, China
Areas of interest:
Creatives, Sociology, Journalism, Complex Systems, Anthropology

Nancy Xu has experience in human-centered innovation for over 10 years. She has a background of industrial design and design research. She runs a design and innovation consultancy in China to help companies create positive and tangible impact through understanding human needs.

Her professional experience includes working as the senior design researcher in IDEO, in different markets such as Australia, Singapore, United States, India and China. Helping companies from Fortune 100 to startups to define their relevance in the market. She articulates market opportunity and leads designers to create solutions accordingly. Before IDEO she worked as a product planner for Samsung Great Asia.

Her professional pursuits also roots back in her knowledge around sociology, complex systems and entrepreneurship in China market.

Nancy is an alumni of Singularity University 2018. She also lived in Chicago and Mumbai before coming back to Shanghai. In her free time, she tinkles with digital media arts projects, exhibition curation and writing.